Organization and maintenance of accounting

  • Maintaining tax records of the enterprise
  • Maintaining administrative records of the enterprise
  • Maintaining personnel records of the enterprise
  • Restoration of accounting records

Macro and Microeconomic Researches

  • Macroeconomic research
  • Sector research
  • Econometric modeling and forecasts
  • Development of roadmaps
  • Market research

Project Managament and Control

Supervision of customer organizations projects

  • Project planning
  • Monitoring of projects
  • Corrections for project deviations
  • Preparation of project reports
  • Measure efficiency of completed projects

Data analytics

Data processing and optimization

  • Structuring of big data
  • Database architecture
  • Audit of databases
  • Optimization of databases

New company registration

Opening a local representatives of a foreign company and subsidiaries

  • Starting new companies
  • Opening a local representative office of a foreign company and subsidiaries
  • State registration procedures
  • Preparation of constituent documents and charters


Financial advice

  • Creation and organization of business processes and document flow of the enterprise
  • Optimization of tax accounting
  • Tax advisory services
  • Personnel accounting consulting services
  • Development of business plans

Human resources

Human Resource Management

  • Recruitment tips
  • Employee registration procedures
  • Concluding contracts with employees
  • Calculation and payment of salaries to employees


Virtual Office Services

  • Payment orders
  • Organization of meetings
  • Receiving calls
  • Correspondence


Real market and liquidity values

  • Movable property valuation
  • Technical equipment assessment
  • Production line assessment
  • Business valuation

IT services

IT solutions in business management

  • Automation of tax and management accounting of the enterprise
  • Accountant services
  • Trainings on accounting programs

Legal services

Economic law services

  • Preparation of contracts
  • Consultation on controversial issues
  • Legal audit of the enterprise


Financial trainings

  • Trainings on Practical accounting
  • Trainings on Organization of Personnel accounting
  • Accounting programs courses
  • Trainings on the Tax Code
  • Office programs' trainings